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Breastfeeding class canceled due to COVID-19?

Breastfeeding class CANCELED due to COVID-19? This 16 minute breastfeeding class is for you!

Download Free Infographic 💫 click here 💫 and excellent 5 minute video about babies!

How can I help YOU? I offer Virtual Consults and one on one classes to anyone in the USA.

Schedule Now - 717-292-8656 or

Updates on COVID-19:

Don't miss my post on increasing milk supply

"I think the thing that we need to remember above all else is that birthing people are strong and resilient. Even in times of fear. Even in times of war. Even with no resources at all, people find the strength within themselves to do this thing" Robina Khalid

Read more here:

Affordable Care Act (Breastfeeding Support & Supplies)

Find an IBCLC near you:

Mother to Mother Volunteer Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding USA

La Leche League

Wishing you all the best!


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