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Breastfeeding and Medication

Breastfeeding and Medication - It's that season. The coughing, sniffles, sore throat and not feeling so well season and now your breastfeeding. I've pulled together the go-to list of resources to help you feel better soon and keep breastfeeding!

Remember! Keep nursing through 'tis the season' ailments ie virus, cold, flu, sore throat etc. Breastmilk has living cells, antibodies and is protective! Your precious breastmilk is protecting your baby and if your baby does get it, it will likely be less severe. Your body also needs to keep making milk and more breastfeeding keeps the body producing. Do your best to eat well, stay hydrated and rest.

Always discuss any medications (or herbals) with your Doctor and IBCLC before taking anything.

Do you need breastfeeding support? I offer Virtual, Office and In-Home Lactation Consultations -

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