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Need a VIRTUAL Lactation Consultant?

You think you need to see a Lactation Consultant but you're hesitant because you don't know what to expect?

That's exactly what this post is about :)

"...Melanie was so thorough, informative, supportive and passionate during her consult visit - she gave such useful advice and answered my many questions."


Frequent reasons for lactation consults are due to pain, making enough milk, concerns over latch, tongue tie (pre and post frenectomy), weight gain, supplemental feeding systems, pumping, return to work, bottle/breast refusal, NICU/NICU grads or if they are doing this all right?!

1) Connect with me 717-292-8656 or - I'm friendly :). I'll walk you through any questions you may have and the process.

2) I'll start by asking what you're concerned about and explain my fee, I accept credit cards, HSA/FSA via Square Up. I am Out of Network which means you pay me at time of service and I provide you a Super Bill. A Super Bill has healthcare claim codes and a statement you have paid. You submit the Super Bill to your insurance for possible reimbursement. ----> What does the Affordable Care Act Say?

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. Part of the ACA includes health insurance requiring breastfeeding support and supplies. Yes, outpatient lactation consultant visits and breast pumps. Due to each insurance plan, network and type being different, it’s best to call your insurance company directly. The ACA has different regulations for Medicaid or WIC. *Helpful* resource via the National Women's Law Center:

3) Next, you'll receive an email confirmation of your appointment day/time, Patient Portal Registration request (I'm HIPAA Compliant like your Providers office) and Consent/Questionnaires to complete before the appointment. These questionnaires are legally required and help me prepare for your visit and save time day of consult so we can quickly get to work. They are easily filled out in 10-20 minutes.

4) Day of consult -

You, your baby, breast pump and any supplies you have should be *present* for the appointment! I'm happy to answer questions on how to use the gadgets and gizmos. It also helps to have a helper nearby.

I want to assess a full feeding - do your best to top baby off think short breastfeeding session vs long filling one prior to the appointment.

Click the link I sent through Google Meets. If you are on your laptop in a Chrome browser you simply click the link, if you are on a phone you may have to download the Google Meets app.

5) Know I'm a good listener, I'm not going to judge you, not be nice or tell you there is only one way to do this. I am here to educate, empower and support you.

Review your history, goals and I complete an assessment.

Form a care plan with YOU. This means you and I form short term and long term plans/instructions on how to work toward your breastfeeding goals.

6) After the appointment I follow with a report for your Physician(s) so we are all on the same page AND email you the Care Plan along with helpful resources.

7) My goal is to help you – put you at ease and develop a personalized plan. You can call or message me with your questions.

Breastfeeding isn't always easy. I know that, I've lived that and thats my speciality! I help families make this work for them whatever that looks like.


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