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Breast Pump Flange Fit

Did you read my post Breast Pump 101? if not you really should ;) it will help.

The breast pump you pick and your flange fit is very individual.

You can also expect your flange size to change.

Flange = funnel = breast shield (not a nipple shield)

Why most breast pumps come with two flange sizes is a mystery. In a perfect world, I would like pumps to come with ALL the sizes to allow everyone to try and obtain the best fit as their body changes and eases into postpartum. Remember, it's not just how your nipple looks and feels at the start of a pump session but in the middle and at the end of a pump session! There should be no pain, no rubbing and it shouldn't be too roomy. The nipple and a smidge of aerola (the circle around your nipple) pulled into the standard shield. You want to be comfortable, sized appropriately having things sitting just right throughout the session. Next, pay attention to what flange sizes maximizes milk output and comfort.

It must be said because we all feel it... pumping takes a bit to get used to. Am I right? LOL Yes! Keep trying, keep pumping. Remember you should never be in pain or discomfort while pumping. If so, check your flange fit (watch the video below), turn down your vacuum/suction and reassess. Ask for help from an IBCLC. There are other flange options besides what came with the pump. Companies like PumpinPals', Beaugen and LacTeck are a few of the many alternatives to consider if you're standard flange isn't working. If you're at this point I would suggest if you haven't seen an IBCLC book a virtual consult. You'll receive more education and support than flange fit.

Work with me one on one, I'm happy to help! Schedule a Virtual Consult.

This video is excellent and has great visuals to help guide you through the best fit.

Need more info on pumping?


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