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Let the Breast Crawl Happen

Get off to a Great Start!

Skin to Skin

Breast Crawl

Hand Express As Needed

More Skin to Skin

Ask for the Lactation Consultant

After the delivery, the baby should be placed Skin to Skin.

Keep the baby Skin to Skin, allow them the time they need to do the breast crawl. Dooonnn't rush it. Watch the wonder take place.

Eager with anticipation its natural to want to rush it. Relax, breath and watch your amazing baby.

IF it has been longer than an hour and you really feel the need to do something, then hand express. Offer drops of colostrum to babes lips while keeping baby Skin to Skin.

Continue to keep the baby Skin to Skin as much as you can. Placing baby in this position allows them to root for your breast and ensures no missed feeding cues. They also love being close to you and/or your partner. Partners doing Skin to Skin is equally wonderful and strongly encouraged!

Need help? Happy to help support you!

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