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4th Trimester (Yes, this exists)

The long wait is over!

Your baby is here and a new chapter has begun. You may feel happy, sad, tired, wired, worried, elated and overwhelmed. Its all new and this is to be expected. You may have mixed feelings about your birth and frankly, the baby probably does too and that's very normal.

Manage expectations!

Life in utero includes floating in amniotic fluid, being whooshed by every movement, listening to voices and enjoying all the yumminess mommy has been eating. They are also learning how to move, suck and swallow amniotic fluid. A very important skill as they take on breastfeeding!

Now outside the womb, they need time to adapt. The world is ready for them to hop to it and ask if they are sleeping through the night, how much they are eating, asking if they are a "good baby". All babies are good babies. MOST need more time than the world wants to give them to adapt and that is NORMAL.

4th Trimester Tips

Skin to Skin - it's so much more than a cuddle! It's the next best place after breastfeeding

Offer the breast on all hunger cues. Hands to mouth, smacking lips - offer! If they are not interested, that's ok. You are learning each other's cues.

REST. Close your eyes, you're doing a great job!

Baby will cry and that is OK.

  • Read about normal crying here: (share this with your family and friends).

ADVICE - let it wash over you. Respond with a canned statement and listen to your gut. Ask your trusted team of Healthcare Providers.

In the 4th Trimester, don't rush it! Take the time you and your baby need to adapt to this new life together.


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