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Breast Compression - What?

What is a breast compression and when is it useful?

A breast compression is when you take your hand and apply gentle pressure to your breast while baby is latched/nursing. This increase in milk flow leads to an increase in infants intake and stimulates the infant to begin nursing. Also, helps increase milk production because more milk out = more milk made!

When to try Breast Compressions:

  • Baby is latched/nursing then becomes sleepy

  • Needs additional encouragement to stay latched, keep nursing & to increase intake

  • Infant needs additional support for weight gain and/or you have low milk supply

  • Distractible baby

  • Full breast

If baby is preterm, was in the NICU and/or always sleepy and not having adequate voids/stools, not gaining after day 5, not waking to feed or if feedings are always taking a long time then its very important you seek out a personalized lactation consult from an experienced IBCLC. In the meantime, do all you can to increase infants intake - Breast Compressions can play a part.

This post does a great job of explaining how to do a breast compression. Please remember that your breast is a gland, not a muscle and gentle pressure goes a really long way. Harder, faster, stronger doesn't apply here! You should not be in pain or discomfort at anytime.

Do you need breastfeeding support? Happy to help!

I offer Office, In-Home (Central PA) and Virtual Consults (where you are!)


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