• Melanie Myers, IBCLC

You have my support.

Updated: Jun 18

Please know I support you, I hear you, I see you, I’m an ally and an advocate. I will always be learning and listening.

I’m a member of the Pennsylvania Breastfeeding Coalition and at a virtual Zoom meeting, Theresa Pettaway introduced herself and the foundation she runs out of their headquarters in Lansdowne, PA. I was blown away and inspired by ALL (I mean ALL!!) they do.

PLEASE check out all they do! https://pettawaypursuitfoundation.org/ and “meet” Theresa and the read history here https://pettawaypursuitfoundation.org/history

I have made a donation to the Pettaway Pursuit Foundation, Inc. and I see you, support you, and my hope is the donation and support you provide to ALL multiplies!!!

You have my support


    Melanie Myers, IBCLC    



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