• Melanie Myers, IBCLC

Breastfeeding (& Pumping) During the Holidays

Updated: May 14

Set yourself up for success with these helpful tips while Breastfeeding (& Pumping) during the Holidays.

Keep your milk moving! Prevent plugged ducts and mastitis by nursing baby when you need to, stay on your pump schedule and/or at a minimum pack a hand pump (or hand express!) as a back up. You know your body best, take the time you need to care for yourself.

You do not have to DO IT ALL (really). Say no, and don't feel bad about it. "That's not going to work for us this year, maybe next year" or "We can do X". You know what you need to do for you and your family.

Baby over stimulated? Don't pass the baby. Retreat to a quiet space and take the time you need. Consider bringing your baby carrier.

Plan ahead with a canned statement. Unfortunately some don't always mind their words. Comments like why are you still breastfeeding, my child never did X, that baby needs X are never really welcome, right? Think ahead of what you're going to say or do and then let. it. go. You do whats best for your family - period.

You do not need to Pump and Dump if drinking alcohol. General suggestions for those with a healthy term infant ~1-2 drinks in a reasonable time period, along with a meal is a good plan. Nursing your baby before the drink and/or immediately following the alcoholic beverage is smart too. If you do drink too much and feel buzzed - provide previously pumped milk and/or wait. Read my article on Pump and Dump?

Flying? Excellent article here!

Happy Holidays!


    Melanie Myers, IBCLC    



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