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Breastfeeding- The Latch Matters

Updated: Apr 17

Breastfeeding - The Latch Matters.

Latch problems? Here are a few things to try...

  • Skin to skin - yes! let baby be, hand express and offer drops of milk to baby from your clean finger.

  • Breast crawl! Enjoy being skin to skin vs focused on latching baby

  • Let baby latch (self attachment) and begin breastfeeding

  • Repeat and practice

  • Feel like you need to do more? Deep latch technique video

Still having problems?

This is what International Board Certified Lactation Consultant's (IBCLC) do!

We assess you and your baby, educate on your specific situation, show you how to make it work and help you meet your goals! Whatever that looks like for your family - we all have different scenarios and thats more than ok. There is no one size fits all feeding plan ;).

I offer In-Home, Office and Virtual Consults - How can I help you?

Out of my area? No problem! https://uslca.org/resources/find-an-ibclc

Keep going!

    Melanie Myers, IBCLC    



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